In the feature-length film Symphony of Now, a range of urban panoramas, personal ciphers and nighttime stories unfold under the guidance of director Johannes Schaff.

Revisiting the avantgarde approach of Walther Ruttmann’s Berlin – Die Sinfonie der Großstadt, the 1927 film that describes a typical day in Berlin, Symphony of Now offers a kaleidoscopic sequence of scenes and images from nighttime Berlin.

Using the camerawork of filmmaker Lil’ Internet and Alexandra Weltz, in addition to his own cinematography, director Johannes Schaff leads the viewer past urban panoramas, along recognisable junctures, to private moments and secret places.

The films aural backbone is provided by a score curated by Innervisions’ Frank Wiedemann, with kindred Berlin musicians spanning several eras.


We are honoured to have the chance to produce an independent film of this kind about a city for which we have full admiration. Symphony of Now has provided us the opportunity to freeze time and capture a fraction of a moment within our culturally rich home town Berlin. We’ve seen the city take on major transformations over the past 10 years and so our vision for Symphony of Now was to preserve our delicate memories of Berlin before they disappear.

Making a cultural project such as Symphony of Now would not have been possible without the immense support of the city. We would like to thank the numerous contributors and all those involved in making this unique project so very special. Most received little to no payment for their time and energy and for this we are truly grateful. Thanks to our funding network battleROYAL, private investors, Endorphine Production and all the Berlin institutions, companies, participants, crew, musicians and fans who pushed this film over the line. And the Deutsche Kinemathek Berlin who welcomed us so warmly with information and support.  We would also like to thank Audi City Berlin for offering their support, not only financially but also provided advice, mobility and the chance to present Symphony of Now in a unique screening on the 14th February 2018 in Berlin.

We cant wait to move this film onto the big screen and with some luck visit  festivals around the world to share this experience with all who are curious about or cherish this wonderful city.


Symphony of Now, premiered exclusively by Audi Zeitgeist Projects.

“Symphony of Now” is a cinematic portrait of the city that’s holding us willingly captive — and captivated.“

„Mit seiner Neubetrachtung des Werks unter dem Titel „Symphony of Now“ ist auch Regisseur Johannes Schaff ein avantgardistisches Werk gelungen.“